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Nita Strauss takes her name from composer Johann Strauss. She grew up listening to classic rock with her father and picked up the guitar at age 13. After going to the movies to see “Crossroads” she knew she wanted to be a musician. The scene with Steve Vai just blew her away. Only two years later, she started playing in clubs. Since the age limit was 18, she would wait outside until it was time for the band to play.…

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Tommy Henriksen of Alice Cooper Band / Hollywood Vampires

For Tommy, listening to ‘The Who’ was his first introduction to music. At 14, he got his first guitar. At the time, Tommy was known as a ‘Rink Rat’. He was on a speed-skating team. The rink had live bands that played. Tommy would help the bands load their equipment, and it’s there where one of them first told to Tommy that he should loss the guitar, learn how to play bass and sing, because there are ‘guitar players on…

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