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June 1st, 2010  -  Wendy and her  family put Ronnie to rest in the world as we know it.  No      more touching – no more seeing.  Now the crypt where Ronnie now rests will be his final                             resting place for us all to visit.  Ronnie  never wanted be away from his fans!                               Go visit he wants to hear from you! Ronnie James Dio's Tomb

Ronnie James Dio's Mausoleum


When I am gone, don’t call me back,
My life on Earth will be no more.
Peace I love you, for my last act,
I’m now beyond this earthly door.
I’ll miss your laughter, tears will fall,
But look within your aching heart,
Loving memories there-recall.
Hearts stay together, bodies must part.
I thank you for the love we’ve known.
Please know that always I’ll be near.
And though I take this step alone,
My soul’s whispers I know you’ll hear.
Live your life with coverage and love,
Continue the fight you’ve begun.
Proudly, I’ll watch you from above,
Knowing through Death-Life I have Won.
(poem chosen by Wendy Dio)
A day before I left I went to say goodbye to Ronnie, I was to leave the next day.  I thanked him for letting me in his life – to capture moments  and memories that I will share with his fans. I took several  photos of the flowers Wendy  and friends had left. As I was leaving I  walked through the archway where Ronnie was carried thru just a couple days earlier;  there was a star shining our Sun in  perfect symmetry shinning through. I sat down for a few minutes on the concrete structure with my head up – i took off my shirt and for the first time in a long time I felt something different,  a crossroad in my life looking forward to the next bump, hill,or turn–I unlocked my car door and put my camera bag in the trunk and then shut the trunk.  As I reached for the key to open the door – I could not find the key. I assumed I locked it in the trunk.  I started kicking the tires,  like that was going to help – Then I realized it wasn’t so bad.  I called my friend Jacque at the house I was staying and asked her if she can bring the extra key i left there.  She said of course I was going to bring Ronnie some lemons from his lemon tree in his backyard where Ronnie and  Wendy first lived in California,

"Every lemon tels a story don't it"

Jacque a close friend of Ronnie and Wendy’s now lives  there.  As I waited for an hour I went back to Ronnie’s crypt and leaned against it taking in the sun, relaxing talking on the phone about the past week,    reflecting on my life today.  Jacque came and opened the trunk only to realize there was no key in my camera bag. We brought Ronnie his lemons and put roses that were blowing away in with the lemons onto of a place for flowers it seemed a very appropriate spot and then there was the cross of which Jacque laid so delicately on top.  It was truly a work of art.. It was if Ronnie set this up.  We laughed as we told one another Ronnie planed this to happen.  We then looked for the keys for an hour never to be found. Things in my life are coming together – I would like to think Ronnie may have had something to do with it.  People are afraid of death – we all want to live forever but we can’t – so we shed  tears for those we lose and move on and make the best of what we can offer and contribute to our  family, friends and to the  world.   Everything happens for a reason.  We don’t know why but it does.  If you are  positive good things will come your way eventually –  Patience is a virtue – If you are negative then theres the other path.
That’s the difference between HEAVEN & HELL — weissguy

"The way you squeeze my lemon" well that's another story!

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